Guide for Authors

Instructions for Authors


The Journal is ready to receive and assess research and review articles. Research articles must have the following features:

A concise, clear, and to-the-point title.

An abstract (at most 250 words) in Persian and in English including background and objective, method, findings, discussion and conclusion, and 3-5 key words. Moreover, the English abstract must be the exact equivalent of the Persian one.

The text of the article must include the following sections:

Background and objective: The existing knowledge about the issue and its theoretical bases, the importance of the research, and the aim of the study must be made clear in this section.

Method: In the method section, the type of the study, research community, the sample to be studied, data collection procedure, data collection devices, moral considerations, and statistical methods must clearly be defined.

When applying known research methods, it is enough to mention the source. But in case of using new ones, sufficient information must be provided so that another researcher can conduct it based on the given information.

When using certain materials and instruments, the name of the manufacturing company and its address must be given in parentheses.

Findings: The text, tables, diagrams, and pictures must proportionately be used in this section to state the findings. The tables, diagrams, etc. must be numbered and have clear, complete titles. Moreover, the use of tables must be avoided if their information exists completely in the text of the manuscript.


Discussion and conclusion: Based on the special goals of the study, the important findings must be mentioned briefly and in a logical order, and must be discussed with reference to similar and different cases found in the literature. If any hypothesis has been made in the study, its acceptance or rejection must also be discussed. Conclusions must be made clearly within the limits of the investigation findings and considering the limitations of the study.

Acknowledgements: In this section, the author(s) should acknowledge the support of the budget-supplying institute as well as the individuals and organizations that have helped directly and/or indirectly to conduct the study or to write the manuscript, but their names are not mentioned among the authors.

The articles must be written in fluent Farsi language and the author(s) must observe the grammatical rules of the language. Foreign terms having clear and exact Farsi equivalents must be avoided. Whenever needed, the English equivalents must be given in parenthesis next to the Persian words.

Review articles are accepted only if the author is an expert and has acceptable publications in the field.


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