Peer Review Process

The honorable authors are obliged to submit full English papers to the journal via 'submit paper' menu. It is highly requested from the respectable authors to pay due heed to the prefabricated lay-out of the journal in submitting their papers.

In pursuit of dispatching the article, the authors are obliged to fill out the 'copyright form' and submit it electronically or manually to the journal head office. The journal will reserve the right for rejecting the paper unless it receives the above-mentioned form.

The paper, following the initial approval of the editor-in-chief, is eligible for submitting to the assessors.  It is worth noting that the managing editor is a member of the editorial board. Accordingly, he will appoint three evaluators. Paper assessment is a double-blinded procedure. The evaluators will pass their judgments on the papers on a regular basis within two weeks. Nevertheless, it may take more than the due date. IJISSM will not guarantee the elapsed time during paper assessment. The obtained result will be handed back to the respective managing editor from whom it will be dispatched to the editor-in-chief. Consequently, editor-in-chief will make a final decision on the acceptance of the paper based on the evaluation result. The result of the paper can be manifested and announced follows:

1. Unconditional acceptance

2. Conditional acceptance with trivial correction: The author is obliged to perform the correction stipulated by the evaluators. It should be noted that the corrected and submitted paper does not necessitate further evaluation.

3. Conditional acceptance with complete or holistic modification. The author is obliged to perform an impeccable correction specified by the evaluators. It is worth noting that, following making correction and paper submission by the author, it will undergo post-evaluation.

4.  Absolute rejection

The journal will submit the acceptance letter manually and in the form of paper to the authors after receiving a positive result from the evaluators. At a later stage, papers should be calibrated to the journal template specified in the site within the framework of ‘Guide for Authors'. When irresponsibility arises from the author, journal will receive fee as compensation. Provided that a given author insists on fee evasion, journal will hold no responsibility for publishing the paper. When the paper is duly tailored compatible with the specified qualifications, it should await on schedule. In case the paper got into print, each author of the accepted paper will receive two copies of his/her own article.