Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1, June 2018, Pages 737-800 
2. A Review of BlockChain

Pages 745-750

mahboubeh heydari; Ali Noroozi; Narjes Akbari; Masoumeh Mohammadi; Kamal Yousefiyan; Mohammad Hossein Ahmadzadegan

4. Identifying customer preferences in using e-banking services

Pages 759-768

M. Shahchra; A. Moradi; H. Arabi; A. Ahmadian

5. An Investigation of LTE Broadcast

Pages 769-774

H. Khanmirzaei; Gh. Farsi; V. Asgari Azad

6. Privacy and Security of Big Data in THE Cloud

Pages 775-784

Narges Naderi; Hasan Alizadeh

7. SDN Security: A Survey

Pages 785-792

Iman Hassani; Abdolreza Moayeri