Context-Aware Recommender Systems: A Review of the Structure Research

Document Type : Reviewing


Department of Computer Engineering, Software, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University


 Recommender systems are a branch of retrieval systems and information matching, which through identifying the interests and requires of the user, help the users achieve the desired information or service through a massive selection of choices. In recent years, the recommender systems apply describing information in the terms of the user, such as location, time, and task, in order to produce relevant and even customized recommendations. Recently, some companies began to utilize the context information in their search engines. For instance, when choosing a song for the customer, it attempts to include the current mood of the listener in the context of the suggestions that the user makes. Employing context information, in view of the system's access and ability to collect information from the user interface, it offers more precise and user-friendly content that, in addition to obtaining user satisfaction, will also lead to the development and promotion of the field of work and the concept known as context-aware recommender system. In particular, this paper explores the dimensions of research, work areas, architectures, and tools employed and the ability to create a structure that researchers have based on in this area.