Evaluation of the performance of intelligent vehicles and their role in controlling and reducing urban traffic in North Khorasan Province

Document Type : Research Paper


Islamic Azad University E-Campus


Nowadays, one of the problems of human life is popula- tion congestion and the lack of ability to meet their needs. One of the important infrastructures affected by this issue is the transportation infrastructure. Moreover, increasing transportation facilities through conventional methods, due to the need for macro investment and much time, cannot be nowadays considered as a proper and practi- cal strategy. Thus, in recent years, the tendency to use the mechanisms to employ new technologies, the optimal use of available resources, the use of modern technologies in automobiles in most countries have been considered as the best solution for metropolitan traffic managers.  One of the newest and most effective traffic management solu- tions deriving from information technology is the idea of using intelligent vehicles, which can lead to a non-traffic city, mobility in the community, and providing better ser- vices to citizens. After examining the need for modern technologies in the transportation area, this paper defines intelligent systems, performance, types of services, and modern technologies in intelligent vehicles. Then, it will refer to measures required in planning and establishing ITS and the localization of this system in each region.