SDN Security: A Survey

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Islamic Azad University Electronic Campus(I.A.U.E.C)

2 Islamic Azad University Electronic Cam pus(I.A.U.E.C)


The pull of Software-Defined Network- ing (SDN) is magnetic. There are few in the networking community who have escaped its impact. As the benefits of network visibility and network device programmability are discussed, the question could be asked as to who exactly will benefit? Will it be the network operator or will it, in fact, be the network intruder? As SDN devices and systems hit the market, security in SDN must be raised on the agenda. This paper presents a comprehensive sur- vey of the research relating to security in software defined networking that has been carried out to date. Both the security enhancements to be derived from using the SDN framework and the security challenges introduced by the framework are discussed. By categorizing the ex- isting work, a set of conclusions and proposals for future research directions are presented.