Privacy and Security of Big Data in THE Cloud

Document Type : Research Paper


Islamic Azad University E-Campus


Big data has been arising a growing interest in both scien- tific and industrial fields for its potential value. However, before employing big data technology into massive appli- cations, a basic but also principle topic should be investigated: security and privacy. One of the biggest concerns of big data is privacy. However, the study on big data privacy is still at a very early stage. Many organizations de- mand efficient solutions to store and analyze huge amount of information. Cloud computing as an enabler provides scalable resources and significant economic benefits in the form of reduced operational costs. This paradigm raises a broad range of security and privacy issues that must be taken into consideration. Multi-tenancy, loss of control, and trust are key challenges in cloud computing environments. In this paper, the recent research and de- velopment on security and privacy in big data is surveyed and reviews the existing technologies and a wide array of both earlier and state-of- the-art projects on cloud securi- ty and privacy. First, the effects of characteristics of big data on information security and privacy are described. Second, topics and issues on security are discussed and reviewed. Third, privacy-preserving trajectory data pub- lishing is studied due to its future utilization, especially in telecom operation. Forth, present an overview of the battle ground by defining the roles and operations of privacy systems. Fifth, we review the milestones of the current two major research categories of privacy: data clustering and privacy frameworks. Finally, we discuss the effort of privacy study from the perspectives of different disci- plines, respectively.