Identifying customer preferences in using e-banking services

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor of Banking Research Group of Banking and Monetary Affairs. Tehran, Iran

2 Senior Students, E-Commerce, Faculty of Information Technology, Islamic Azad University, Tehran Electronic Branch, Tehran, Iran

3 Assistant Professor of Banking Research Group of Banking and Monetary Affairs، Tehran, Iran


Clients are the vital artery of every industry and business. Maintaining these customers is one of the most important tasks of any business, especially banks.  The  specific needs  of  customers and  the increasing compe- tition in the banking services market have led banks to create structures that can respond flexibly to these needs. Obviously, one of the important points is that moving to these new structures and designing new services, not only meet the needs of customers, but also expand competition in banking operations and increase the likelihood of sur- vival in the market. Today, the service industry is chang- ing in the world. New technologies have changed the way customer services are presented. Banking services have undergone major changes under the influence of informa- tion and communication technology.  In  this  research,  the effect of different levels of  factors on customer orien- tation in the use of e-banking services for perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness and an additional factor of perceived security has been investigated. The result of the research showed that the effect of different levels of factors on customer orienta- tion in using e-banking services is different. This research was conducted with the aim of investigating the factors influencing the preferences of the customers of the banks and the results of the research revealed 5 factors of trust and loyalty, matching of services with the tastes, quality of services, development and expansion of tools and ser- vices, expectations of importers on customer preferences