Investigating Health Worker’s Awareness on Telemedicine in Hospitals and Health Homes of Guilan Province


1 Senior students, Health CareManagement , Electronic Tehran Azad University School of Man- agement ,Tehran, Iran

2 PhD In Health Policy ,Health Human Resources Research Center ,School of Management & Infor- mation Sciences ,Shiraz University of Medical Sciences ,Shiraz ,Iran

3 Ph.D. in Management and Planning of Cultural Affairs and Associate Pro- fessors of Tehran Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Telemedicine provides effective solutions to the provision of medical services for everyone in any place and time. The implementation and development of this technology requires the creation of cultural, legal, political and so- cial infrastructure. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to investigate health workers’ knowledge about tele- medicine in hospitals and health nursing homes of Guilan province. This research is a cross-sectional and applied on 150 health workers in 96 year. Data were analyzed by using SPSS software. Due to the staffs awareness of  dif- ferent  part and available facilities , it is possible to carry out the most basic levels of telemedicine counseling in special situations between health centers, but it is not able to provide services in rural and remote health care homes