Providing a Simple Method for the Calculation of the Source and Target Reliabili- ty in a Communication Network (SAT)


1 Master’s student of Islamic Azad University, E-campus Branch

2 Assistant Professor of Islamic Azad University, Mashhad Branch


The source and target reliability in SAT network is de- fined as the flawless transmission from the source node to all the other nodes. In some references, the SAT pro- cess has been followed between all the node pairs but it is very time-consuming in today’s widespread networks and involves many costs. In this article, a method has been proposed to compare the reliability in complex networks based on the spanning tree approach. Initially, a primary spanning tree called FST is formed and all the other span- ning trees of the graph will be computed based on this primary spanning tree. After the computation of all the spanning trees of the network graph, the reliability of the network will be easy to determine by adding up the mul- tiplications of the accuracy probability of the functions in all the edges within the spanning tree. The proposed method will not yield additional trees. Moreover, this al- gorithm has little complexity compared to the convention- al methods and also requires little memory capacity.