Self-healing in payment switches with a focus on failure detection using State Ma- chine-based approaches


1 Electronic Unit, Islamic Azad University, Faculty of Engineering,

2 Shahid Rajaee University, Faculty of Computer Science


Composition, change and complexity have attracted ev- eryone’s attention towards Self-Adaptive systems. These systems, inspired by the human body, are capable of adapting to changes in the inner and outer environment. The main objective of this study is to achieve a more con- venient availability for e-banking services in the payment switch, using self-healing systems and focusing on the failure and the state machine approach. This study was carried out on the 136559039payment switch records of Melal Credit Institute. Using the concepts of SOA architecture and programming technologies based on the requirements of the self-heal- ing module, the payment switch architecture has been changed and new services are implemented. After re-test- ing the data, the state machine and self-healing module were able to heal the failures occurred successfully. The results indicate an increase of 2.98% inavailability of the bank’s serving after the change of architecture and adding the self-healing module to the payment switch.