Identification of effect of social networks on the behavior of the students (Case Study: Azad University of Kashan


1 Ph.D in software, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2 Master student inInformation Technology management, e-campusIslamic Azad Uni- versity, Tehran, Iran


In this paper, we try to see how virtual networks can af- fect the behavior of the young. Since there are so many indices to be affected by social networks, we evaluate these effects only on 10 more comprehensive behaviors as follows: identity, getting information and the rumors, rationalism,life style, spare time, religions rituals and cer- emonies, interaction with family, employment and eco- nomical activities, education(training) and honesty. In order to find out whether social networks have con- nection with this 10 behaviors, 10 hypo these have been studied by the use of test “T”. The practicalpart which is like a survey, was accom- plished through a questionnaire, while measuring the data and analyzing them. The sample here is including 176 stu- dents of Kashan Azad University. All the hypotheses in this study have been confirmed and the relationship between virtual social networks and stu- dents’ behavior has been demonstrated.