Ranking CloudService Providers using SWARA and VIKOR (A case of Irancell Company)


1 Master of IT Management / Is- lamic Azad University E-Campus Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant professor of Iran Par- liament research center Tehran, Iran


Cloud computing is a recent computing paradigm that represents a fundamental change of information commu- nication technology (ICT) services and Cloud services continue to grow rapidly with increasing functionality and more users. As a result of this growth, it is a critical issue to select a suitable Cloud service which meets all the business strategies and the objectives of firms. This paper proposes a hybrid multi-criteria decision-making model for a Cloud service selection problem using SWARA, and VIKOR techniques. For this aim, the list of important decision making factors was selected based on literature review and the decision makers’ opinions. Then, SWARA was utilized to calculate the weights of selected crite- ria and sub criteria and VIKOR was applied to rank the Cloud service providers. Our findings can be utilized as bases to apply systematic decision-making processes for the best Cloud service selection and for giving direction to IT office managers with respect to performance assess- ment and techniques to enhance companies’ performance and capability.