Identification of Fraud in Banking Data and Financial Institutions Using Classification Algorithms


Department of Information Technology and Computer Network, Islamic Azad University E-Campus


In recent years, due to the expansion of financial institutions,
as well as the popularity of the World Wide Web
and e-commerce, a significant increase in the volume of
financial transactions observed. In addition to the increase
in turnover, a huge increase in the number of fraud by user’s
abnormality is resulting in billions of dollars in losses
over the world. Therefore, fraud detection techniques to
identify users motivated to do a lot of scientific research.
To check the volume of such information data mining
techniques used. Data mining, knowledge discovery process
that finding patterns in large data sets by combining
techniques from statistics, artificial intelligence, database
management and etc. In data mining techniques we examine
and analyze information to discover uncertain
communication and hidden patterns of data. This study
aimed to detect fraud in banking data using classification