The Link between Organisational Citizenship Behaviours and Open Innovation: A Case of Isfahan High-tech Sector

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1 Faculty of Management, Tehran Central Branch, Iran

2 Department of Management, Qeshm International Branch, Iran


 In the current challenging world,organizations in order to compete on the world stage, satisfying the needs and expectations of the customers and adapting to the changing nature of jobs, trying tohairthe staff who operates beyond the responsibility and their designated role in the jobs’ Description  Because it is believed that operation evaluation are reflected by this behavior and it will influence Staff’ participation in programs, and it can be a affecting factor in job involvement, organizational commitment and self-esteem. We examine the role of organisational citizenship behaviours (OCBs) in two types of open innovation—inbound and outbound. Data were collected using the questionnaire survey technique from middle and top managers working in high-tech industries in Isfahan. Results show that OCBs positively predict both inbound and outbound open innovation. A closer look reveals that OCBs relate positively to out-bound open innovation in aggregate and in isolation. However, OCBs relate to in-bound open innovation in aggregate only. The implications of these results are discussed and limitations of the study are highlighted.