Effect of E-CRM System on Attracting Bank Deposits

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1 PHD in Business management, Islamic Azad University Tehran, Iran

2 Master student in, Urban management, Islamic Azad University Tehran, Iran


This study  tries to review actual customers of banks and identify the effect of e-CRM system on attracting bank deposits with a scientific method Descriptive statistics to summarize data and describe them and inferential statistical methods such as PLS structural model to intended testing hypotheses, we used to .  The statistical population included all actual customers of Eghtesad Novin, Ayandeh, Keshavarzi, and Melli banks in Tehran. . To determine the sample size formula Kokaran to be used in large community sample size was 150
. After sampling, the questionnaire was given to them and their views were analyzed using statistical indicators. To verify the questionnaire validity some supervisors and experts were referred. After receiving their opinions, the initial questionnaire was amended and approved .the questionnaire reliability was calculated using PLS and smart pls. Finally, after data analysis using PLS; it was found that the e-CRM implementation and the commitment, promotional and analytical dimensions are effective in attracting bank deposits according to the statistical sample.