Province The Relationship between Time Management and Work Ethic in the Management of Social Security and Employee Productivity Hormozgan –Iran

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The Islamic Azad University qeshem in Iran, Hormozgan University in Iran


The productivity of the most attractive terms of applications in various fields, particularly management. In this regard, human resources productivity plays a key role in any organization.
 This study aimed to investigate the relationship between work ethics and productivity of human resources management, time management .Time do research hypotheses using questionnaire distributed among members have been sampled. The researchers used questionnaires every effort was made to respondents uniform and balanced selection and their views will be examined. The research is descriptive and correlational. The population in this study all the management staff of the Social Security numbers of 725 people will form the province. In this study, a simple random sampling method is used. Finally, the statistical population, sample of 251 was selected using Cochran formula. Three questionnaires were used to measure the variables used in the study were time management and work ethic and productivity. Content validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by experts. The reliability of the questionnaire based on Cronbach's alpha coefficient for the questionnaire, time management (87/0), work ethic (vary from 850) and productivity (88/0) were estimated.There is The results also showed the work ethic and each of its dimensions with labor productivity among employees of the Social Security Administration province there is a significant relationship.