Presenting a Model for Ranking Insurance Organizations Based on Electronic Readiness Using a Combination of ANP and DEMATEL Techniques

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1 College of management and accounting Yadegar-e-Imam Khomeini (RAH) share – rey Branc Islamic Azad University

2 Master of information technology management Department of Industrial Management Islamic Azad University E-campus, Tehran, iran


Activities of insurance, like other work fields, have been greatly influences by new technologies; therefore, they must be at the suitable level of electronic readiness to provide more effective information services in line with the needs of new era. But the question is, are the insurance companies in Iran ready to use the e-commerce opportunities efficiently? To answer, it is necessary to recognize influential factors on preparation for this and current organization positions, based on electronic- readiness. This would be the first step to enter e-commerce.
The goal of this paper is ranking organizations about the level of the electronic readiness by presenting a model based on the knowledge of multi criteria decision making. So, first of all, the different models, presented in the electronic readiness, were studied. After determining e-readiness criteria, weight devoting was performed by using the expert’s views in the IT departments of three chosen organizations. Ultimately, ranking of these organizations based on the level of electronic-readiness was done by using a combination of ANP and DEMATEL techniques.