Designing an Expert System for Internet Connection Problems Troubleshooting for wired network users

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Master of IT Management, Islamic Azad University, Electronic Branch, Tehran, Iran

2 (Advisor) Associate Professor, Industrial Management Department, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran


Man, is living in an era that the knowledge is estimated to be doubled in a relatively short time. The fast rate of technology's growth in the "Century of information", is caused by fast growth of communication technologies like the internet which has become one of the best tools for a quick, cheap, effective and vastly supported communication. For an efficient and effective usage of tools and different advantages of the internet, its users are to be able to stay connected to it in an efficient way and have less losses of connection. In order to reduce the time and duration of unwanted losses of connection, it is needed to act on diagnosing and fixing the ongoing problem(s) as fast as possible. Since today's telecommunication and computer communication have become full of varieties and complications, designing and running a system that can help the network professionals or the users in case of such problems taking place, is much appreciated or even necessary. According to the abilities of rule-based expert systems, one of the best solutions for this matter, is to run an expert system in order to fix internet communication problems that is done by a full-time resident human expert.