A Model based on Cloud Computing for the implementation and management IT services in Banks

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Information Technology Management, Electronic Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


In recent years, the banking industry has made significant changes in technology and communications. The expansion of electronic communications and a large number of people around the world access to the Internet, appropriate to establish trade and economic exchanges provided but high costs, lack of flexibility and agility in existing systems because of the large volume of information, confidentiality of data, the need for high computational processing and also the high cost of change or development of information technology is one of the problems facing the industry in many cases, have had many complaints from customers. Cloud computing is a new IT investment projects in information technology and new architectural development, deployment, implementation, and service and is in addition to cost reduction, flexibility, high availability and cost money being brought. For this purpose, GreenCloud simulation is used and presents graphs of monitoring, resource allocation, workload scheduling as well as optimization of communication protocols and network infrastructures in the new model infrastructure of Iranian bank and it is compared the current model and the new model for the applicability of cloud computing technology in the banking industry will be discussed.