Ranking Bank Branches with Interval Data By IAHP and TOPSIS

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mathematics, Islamic Azad University, Bandar Abbas Branch, Bandar Abbas, Iran


This paper proposes a method for ranking decision making units (DMUs) using some of the multiple criteria decision making / multiple attribute decision making          (MCDM /MADM) techniques, namely, interval analytic hierarchy process (IAHP)          and the technique for order preference by similarity to an ideal solution (TOPSIS).          Since the efficiency score of unity is assigned to the efficient units, we determine          the efficient units by standard DEA models, and calculate the weights of the criteria          using IAHP. It should be mentioned that the judgments are made crisp in the interval          pairwise comparison matrix by the Monte Carlo simulation. In the end, we utilize          TOPSIS using IAHP to rank bank branches in Iran