Introduction of a Framework for Customer Orientation Using Ambulant E-Banking Services Marketing (Case Study: Mellat Bank in Isfahan)

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Professor in education management, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran

2 Electronic Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


E-banking (electronic banking) is the modified business banking toward E-business (electronic business) banking that actually uses the electronic communication channels such as internet, phones, cell phones and the like. By using this method, the demands of customers such as time independent and high flexible actions are satisfied. In this process, marketing is so important because guiding customers of bank for using these platforms leads to decrease in costs and increase in profit of the organization. Due to the importance of E-banking, the current study tries to introduce a framework for customer orientation using marketing of ambulant E-banking services. This study uses a descriptive-survey method on a population of all customers of Mellat bank in Isfahan in 2013, using random sampling method. The sample size was 430 participants with 408 acquired questionnaires. A questionnaire with 40 questions was used as the measuring tool made by authors with validity and reliability factors about 0.73 and 0.85 respectively. Data analysis was done using single variable T-test, Kalmogorov- Smiranov test, and multivariate analysis of variance. The key E-marketing components (customer relationship management, supply chain management, information systems integration and information clarification) were considered as the dependent variables. Then, their effect on customer orientation was analyzed as our independent variable. Analysis was done by SPSS software. The results showed that computed averages on developing the questionnaire components are much greater than the assumed values. According to the results, the effect of mentioned components on customer orientation was approved.