Assessment of BAM with ANP Approach; Case Study: Bank Sepah

Document Type : Research Paper


Electronic Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


In today's business environment in which coordination and adaptation with constant changes are the only ways of survival, real-time monitoring of activities and making the decisions accordingly are necessary. Since performance measurement cannot be managed independent of business processes, Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) systems should monitor performance metrics based on business processes. With fast development of information technology infrastructures, increased interests in business processes management concept and organizations’ willingness in its application, organizations have become more attracted to activities monitoring. On the other hand, rapid market changes for maintaining competitive advantages are making the question of monitoring an even more important one. Business activities monitoring is a solution which helps the organization in making better decisions by gathering and analyzing relevant real-time data, monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and responding accordingly. Therefore, in today's business world, in which the ability to improve performance is critical for every organization, BAM is a vital element in achieving business strategies objectives. In this research, first we will recognize the effective indicators in evaluating BAM, and then will solve the model with ANP technique by positing these indicators in the presented model and testing hypothesis. Finally, the best feasible option for evaluating BAM in Bank Sepah will be selected.