Considering the Effects of Open Courseware Education Website Technology on Improving Educational Productivity

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Master’s student of information technology management, Islamic Azad University, Electronic Branch

2 Industrial Management Department, Science and Research Branch,Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

3 faculty of management and accounting shahid beheshti university, Tehran, Iran


Information technology is one of the largest and most important human achievements in the present era whose influence on most human activities is undeniable. The traditional education system is being affected by the information technology and it is now turning into an electronic education system. One of the newest issues in the field of electronic education is the effects of web page achievements on it which have resulted in the creation of the necessary capabilities to improve education, in addition to removing any time and place limitation; therefore, educational productivity has also been affected.  The aim of this study is to consider and determine critical success factors and parameters in the open courseware education system in order to investigate the productivity of this system through studying the selected parameters in a sample population. It means that all the above mentioned factors lead to the improvement of the open courseware education system in the society; as a result, the necessary attempts to determine the level of productivity of these parameters in a new environment were done through field and library researches. The results of this research showed the effects of virtual universities on productivity improvement in the population under the study (Mazandaran University), in addition to investigating and determining the features of virtual universities with an open courseware orientation