Provide Strategies to Reduce Administrative Corruption in Public Organizations IT-Based Using a Combination of Analytic Network Process and Quality Function Deployment Model QFD

Document Type : Research Paper


Islamic Azad University, Electronic Branch, Laleh Fetrat Nezhad, MSc in IT Islamic Azad University, Electronic Branch Autumn 2012


The purpose of this research to prioritize the factors affecting administrative corruption in government organizations using analytic network process until the arrival of prioritized dimensions to Quality Function Deployment model, provide appropriate strategies for solving this basic organizational problem.This study is a descriptive survey research and located into the category of applied research and to data collection a combination of the library and field research methods have been used. In this study finite sampling method is used. Population includes managers and staff of government organizations in Tehran. Reliability and validity of the questionnaire were analyzed using Cronbach's alpha tests and factor analysis has been studied. Statistical data using statistical tests including Kolmogorov-Smirnov and t-student tests are analyzed.The results of the analytic network process shows that the dimensions of control methods, cultural characteristics of society, organizational characteristics, quality and quantity regulation, employees' economic status are the highest importance, respectively. Using 13 experienced managers from government organizations in Tehran who were willing to do the interview and after the removal shared solutions, in this step, 12 strategies of improvement IT-based are extracted and finally, with respect to the output of quality home and the weights are obtained the priority strategies are determined