Investigation Of The Requirement &Constraints Affecting Teleworking In Government Institutes; Case Study : Research Institutes of Minister of Roads and Urban Development

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Economics department, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch

2 Master of management Information Technology in Islamic Azad E-campus branch


Teleworking as an innovative way has many benefits in governmental, organizational and individual levels, but it faced with different variables in plan and implementation which is caused to low acceptance rate in organizations. By identifying and controlling these variables, managers and decision-makers can use teleworking programs in their organizations. The aim of this study is to investigate the requirements and Constraints of teleworking implementation in governmental organizations. This paper reviews the literature related to teleworking in the world, identifies variables related to requirements and Constraints that affect teleworking and designs the research model based on that.In this study that was conducted in descriptive and analytical way, 145 employees of Research centers of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development was selected as case study. After gathering information through standardized questionnaires, data have been analyzed through SPSS software and correlation coefficient and linear regression tests in the figure of descriptive and analytical tables.The results of linear regression model respectively show the significant relationship and negative effects of Constraint and positive effects of requirement variables on teleworking implementation.