A Study on the Feasibility of the Establishment of Knowledge Management at Payam nour University of Golestan Province

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Prof. of Islamic Azad University, Central Branch

2 Associate Prof. of Islamic Azad University, Central Branch

3 M.A. of Information Technology Management, Islamic Azad University E-Campus


In order to investigate and consider the feasibility of the establishment of knowledge management at Payam nour universities of Golestan province elicited from reviewing the research literature, the researchers  endeavored to identify the factors affecting  the establishment of  knowledge management  and the knowledge management components, and then to consider the way of their influence as well as their priorities. Finally, through the presented model, the best option among possible solutions is selected. The investigators have gone through the stages following positing hypotheses 1 to 5. In the end, the results of conducted research are discussed.
The method of the research is descriptive-survey. Data and information is collected through the questionnaire. The statistical community of the study is faculty members and the employees (official, contractual, conditional) of all different branches of payam Nour universities in Golestan province in 89- 9o academic year. The statistical community comprises 172 people from those 76 people are chosen based on stratified sampling method. The obtained data is analyzed through inferential and mathematical statistic. Finally, a model applicable to the establishment of knowledge management at Payam Nour universities of Golestan province is presented.