Feasibility of Electronic Commerce at Cooperative in Gilan Province to Select an Appropriate E-Commerce Model by Using Fuzzy Analysis Network Process

Document Type : Research Paper



Electronic commerce as one of the most important of Innovation aspects in the process of doing business is used by many organizations and companies in the world. Cooperatives as the main part of the country's economy have fundamental role in improving and promoting of economic. Therefore, innovation methods and tools, new processes and perform business tasks such as e-commerce will play an important role in the success of cooperatives. This study in the first stage the infrastructures will be considered and those as a requisite will be explained for development of e-commerce in cooperatives establishment and implementation involves having an appropriate infrastructure and technical readiness, to support cultural, social and legal institutions. The aim of this study is to identify bottlenecks in development of e-commerce with cooperatives in Gilan province and finally priorities of this infrastructure, successful implementation of e-commerce needs to choose an appropriate strategy. Therefore, in the second stage based on a variety of previous researches and literature study related to topics and fuzzy analysis network process is attempting to select the most appropriate of e-commerce model in cooperatives. In this study statistical population includes two groups.