Due to rapid growth and development of inter-disciplinary graduate degrees in universities and research centers around the globe, International Journal of Information, Security, and Systems Management (IJISSM), as a publication of the Islamic Azad University Electronic Campus, aims to serve as a platform to enhance the scientific and technical level of the researchers and practitioners in related fields.
In this regard, the editorial board of the Journal welcomes contributions from respectful scholars, theorists, researchers, and graduate students from related areas and topics listed below. 

Current Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2018, Pages 737-800 

2. A Review of BlockChain

Pages 745-750

mahboubeh heydari; Ali Noroozi; Narjes Akbari; Masoumeh Mohammadi; Kamal Yousefiyan; Mohammad Hossein Ahmadzadegan

4. Identifying customer preferences in using e-banking services

Pages 759-768

M. Shahchra; A. Moradi; H. Arabi; A. Ahmadian

5. An Investigation of LTE Broadcast

Pages 769-774

H. Khanmirzaei; Gh. Farsi; V. Asgari Azad

6. Privacy and Security of Big Data in THE Cloud

Pages 775-784

Narges Naderi; Hasan Alizadeh

7. SDN Security: A Survey

Pages 785-792

Iman Hassani; Abdolreza Moayeri

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